Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why Should There Be Fools Called Think Tanks?

In spite of scores of think-tanks functioning, the world is still marching backwards, making the rich richer and making the poor poorer. We still have not been able to prevent inflation, commodity price rise and epidemics from happening. Even without these supposed think tanks, the world would still have reached the same position, without finding resources for funding and feeding these think tanks. They can perhaps claim that the world would have become worse had there not been the effort and guidance of theirs to help maintain statusquo. Those think tanks in the medical field ought to have been able to lead to a disease-free world but it never happened. Instead, more and more kinds and types of diseases are spreading, taking away the lives of millions and resulting in the fattening of medicine manufacturing giants. Those in the field of agricultural research ought to have been able to lead the world to food sufficiency but the world is still filled with pockets of starvation which those other think tanks in the field of economic research and planning could not predict or effectively rectify and correct. Defense research think tanks have not cared to reduce the volume of defense production or even able to touch arms manufacturers but have only been thinking about ways of how to justify and ratify production of more and more weapons. Think tanks on energy preservation and green energy function in hundreds but nuclear energy continues to be the official energy source in almost all countries. When is yet another think tank coming into being to think about ways of eradicating all these useless think tanks safely, without antagonizing and angering the learned powerful?

News: Five Indian think-tanks have made it to the list of top 150 worldwide. 17 February 2014.

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