Thursday, 19 March 2015

Jayalalitha's Anguish Over Fishermen A Farce

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister did not express any anguish when Tamil Nadu fishermen families were arrested and persecuted by Tamil Nadu police in connection with the Anti-Koodankulam Struggle. Moreover, the State CM did not feel any guilt in subjecting Tamil Nadu fishermen to forced psychiatric counselling in clear violation of stipulations in Indian Mental Health Act. Why anguish now, when the country is very close to a general election? We all know that it is the higher authorities who would think those who express dissenting opinions are mentally imbalanced and arrange to settle things by testing them and certifying them psychiatrically. This had been happening everywhere in India through a long time. That was why the government of India enacted the National Mental Health Act of India of 1987 and the Central Mental Health Authority Rules of 1990 with direction to states to enact their own State Mental Health Rules. Today no one can forcefully subject a person to compulsory counseling without a court order or self or nearest relative’s written application, whether it is done by the government of India or even the world parliament. If they did it, it is criminal interference with malevolent intentions. Sections 15, 16, 17 and 18 clearly define the course of action to be taken. Even if one is mentally ill, even then his human rights and privacy is protected under section 81 and penalties for violations prescribed under section 82. The culprits in government meant to terrorize local people through the threat of forceful counseling prior to hospital admissions and split the agitators which in itself is a crime and it is clear that they intend to seek protection of action taken in good faith but the Indian courts know better. The State Mental Health Authority of Tamilnadu was the most responsible for this human rights violation. The National Human Rights Commission issued notice to Tamil Nadu MHA.

Where should Tamil Nadu fishermen go? The seas where their forefathers and them have been fishing for centuries and generations have been declared taboo by Tamil Nadu Government. The last was banning, driving away and arresting fishermen from a very vast area where generations of fishermen had been fishing for more than 6000 years for making room for a nuclear plant which won't function even for a 60 years. This Koodankulam sea area had been contributing billions of rupees worth of marine products each year but the government succumbing to international energy barons changed things. What could an innocent and poor fishermen community do in the face of loosing their livelihood, purposefully caused by the greed of Tamil Nadu politicians, industrialists and energy-starving misfits?

News: Jayalalithaa expresses anguish over continuing arrests of Tamil Nadu fishermen by Sri Lankan navy.
17 February 2014.

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