Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tibetans Are Not Safe Under Chinese Rule

Cultural uniqueness and traditions of the Tibetans are not safe under Chinese rule. The ages-old traditions and culture even in China are not safe under the communist rule. The next coming is the fulfillment of basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. The Tibetans were not living in the open, unclothed and in hunger, during all those years till the Chinese occupation. To provide them basic amenities in life, no Chinese presence or communist administration is needed. But China wants the resources of Tibet for replenishing the fast depleting resources of their country. And they want a buffer zone in between them and the surrounding countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It is only that Tibet is convenient to have in possession to satisfy these Chinese needs. Tibetans also are traditionally reluctant towards accepting technology as a means of life for they are higher inspired spiritually by the majestic forces of nature obeying which and in harmony with they live peacefully. But China gives too much importance to technology which is capitalistic achievements of science in disguise. They do not possess as spiritual enlightenment as the Tibetans to recognize the dangers caused to society’s ethical and economic integrity by too much dependence on technology. For centuries we have been hearing about Lhasa as the Forbidden City, a city forbidden to foreigners. It was their wish to remain secluded so that their special religious and spiritual atmosphere could be preserved and lived in. Even while depending on slave labour and serfdom, Tibetan society was living far more close to gods than the Satan. Now their tranquil social life is lost in exchange for nothing good except suppression, oppression, subjection, poverty and state slavery. It is this basic truth the world wants to forget in exchange for huge deposits of Yuan from China and substitution of costly but durable consumer goods in their country with cheap and brittle Chinese goods. America, India and many other countries are now filling their markets with inferior Chinese goods. India even prepared herself to import Chinese cars, car tyres and motor cycles at cheap rates so that a four-wheeler and two-wheeler revolution could be brought about in India but the experience of other countries which filled their streets and homes with Chinese junk dissuaded India from making the contracts concrete. To mass produce these junk and export it to newly found friend nations like America and India they need cheap labour force and virgin lands with resources. Within a decade, the world countries will have to unite to crush imperialist China as they united to crush imperialist Japan, Germany and Italy in 1945. Occupation and suppression of the Tibetan people by the Chinese is only a fore warning of what is yet to come.

The present Dalai Lama is not responsible for the backwardness, serfdom and slavery in Tibet because he was only a boy then. The present developed countries all were in that pitiful social condition before some fifty years. Actually Lama was committed to change this social set up in Tibet when China invaded. Saying that China caused progress in Tibet is irrelevant. Even if China had not invaded, there would have been natural progress in Tibet as has been everywhere else in the world. Saying that Tibet can progress only through China is simply irrational. Why China clings to Tibet is evident. Once Tibet is lost, Manchuria, Mongolia and Turkmenistan also will begin to loose away from the foundation. China has a long history of the Manchus and the Hans fighting and conquering these states for possession in the past. If the process of separation begins with Tibet, these member states will revert themselves into independent nations as happened in the Soviet Russia. But at present these communities are satisfied because they can possess what they wanted without fighting, by just standing within the communist structure. During the earlier years of occupation, Dalai Lamas only demanded sovereign status under China and were somewhat tolerant to live with China. But when land reforms tightened and the herders’ economy of Tibet could not go on with the enforced farmers’ economy, they began to protest more emphatically and demand full liberation and freedom. It happens everywhere including in Maori Land, Northern Ireland, Chechnya, Basque, Assam, Kashmir, Sikkim and in the Aborigines’ Provinces of Canada, USA and Australia. American response to the Tibetan problem and India’s benevolent attitude to Tibetan refugees are what emboldened Tibetans to argue with China about their ultimate sovereignty. India has allotted vast stretches of land is different states to accommodate their monasteries. We can perhaps attribute this to India’s world known spiritual history. But the material America’s consideration for them enhanced their bargaining powers considerably. Every American President since Clinton has regularly met with Dalai Lama. During George Bush’s time, Lama was awarded the Medal from Congress. The only slight disparagement Lama felt in American soil so far is the instance in Obama’s time when he was shown the side door to the White House. This spiritual leader who has intellectual control over a part of this world constituted of a quarter of China’s occupied territory and zero point five percent of population certainly has been treated well by the world. Besides India, countries like Switzerland and Germany also have accommodated great numbers of Tibetan refugees. Exile Tibetan intellectual groups are flourishing all over the world. This great world support emboldened the Tibetan Government in exile to demand freedom for the Greater Tibet double the size of the smaller Tibetan Autonomous Region where the debate started in 1951.

News: India Is Religious But Also Corrupt: Dalai Lama. 17 February 2014

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