Thursday, 19 March 2015

Gas Pricing Policy Is Anti People

It will seem to some that the KG Gas Basin is not in India but is a privately held lot. Every coal and gas field in India is a national property and when government leases them out to private parties and industrialists, for development or exploitation, government has the right to decide the price at which the product extracted from there is sold, unless private secretaries of these ministers knowingly put a class in the terms of agreement by which they surrender that right in return for payment of a huge amount as part of their tacit agreement. The Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India could have been entrusted with the responsibility for exploring and developing these oil and gas fields and they were very much interested in doing that too. What else was this commission created for? But the greedy politicians in the Indian National Congress could not get commissions from ONGC on this account, so they entrusted the exploration and development of national oil and gas fields to private industrial houses. Whatever Veerappa Moily says in his anger, the people of India know that there certainly was unclean understanding between Congress Party and Reliance Industries. It is certainly not that a few sons and daughters of Congress leaders were given employment in the said industry but unbelievably huge amounts were transferred to politicians for making this transfer of oil and gas fields possible, conditions-free. Let the Anti Corruption Bureau enquire and charge-sheet, as the conspiracy certainly might have happened at no other place than Delhi. If the ACB OF Delhi cannot enquire a corruption happened in the land of Delhi, whether it be involving union ministers or even foreign diplomats, what kind of jurisdiction is that? There have been instances of diluting and thinning the concept of jurisdiction recently by several union ministers, as when the jurisdictional power of Kerala Police were taken lightly by them when the Italian government interfered in the arrest and prosecution of Italian Naval Personnel who shot and killed Kerala fishermen at sea. Jurisdictional power of police and anti-corruption agencies are not something to be played with by union ministers at the whim of powerful and rich foreign governments and industrialists. What the Delhi government is doing is making the wish of every Indian a reality. The Congress Party is in the culprits’ list in this case, along with its responsible ministers and the concerned industrialists. Let the law go its way; Indian jails have enough space to accommodate a few more VIPs.

News: India's gas pricing policy demystified. 17 February 2014.

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