Saturday, 28 March 2015

Why Isn't India's Economic Progress Steady?

Indian economy has brief and intermittent periods of growth and going back. The growth periods would be periods of liberalization or other economic reforms. During these growth periods the persons closely associated with this growth amass great fortunes of their own and disappear or they continue to be in the administration for a few more years. When things begin to come out exposing them, the economy reverts to its former position of stillness. But within that time a considerable portion of national wealth would have reached Switzerland, the Kay Islands or the Bahamas. Therefore, paradoxically, it is wise for India to have no such periods of growth. India’s money and India’s resources would stay in India by not growing this way. No economic growth of India has ever stayed with the people or has advanced the country’s economy at least through a decade. There is no dearth of economic planners in India. The simple way the Indian authorities find to escape from the allegation of too many people remaining below the poverty line there is to draw the line further below 23 rupees per day and move others to the ‘above poverty line’. It is that simple. And this discovery of an Indian family living well with 23 rupees per day having the middle class status was made by the Planning Commission of India whose members live in delusion and who spend 23 lakh rupees for renovating just three lavatories in their headquarters! They roam the world capitals for gathering information and holding discussions on how to plan India! How much far can an Indian official go to live with people’s money and cheat the nation? This Commission is the finest example. What planning did they do in all these years? It is they who planned tele-conferencing for overall co-ordination of development. Why don’t they themselves tele-confer instead of touring the world? There is this story of an ancient Indian prime minister who served Chandragupta Maurya. His name was Chaanakya who was the person who discovered Chandragupta from anonymity, trained him in war techniques, enabled him to defeat his co-brother and emperor Nandagupta and become himself an emperor. It was him who formulated the laws and rules for administering a model nation which later became famous in history as Chaanakya Rules. This prime minister lived on the outskirts of the city in a hovel. One night the emperor visited him to seek advice on some national matter. No sooner he mentioned a matter concerning the administration of the country than Chaanakya put out the oil lamp he was burning and lighted another. His student, the emperor, asked him why he used two lamps. The prime minister’s answer was that one was for his domestic uses and the other was for conducting national business. Oil to be used for discussions on the nation’s administration shall not be used for personal discussions! That was India before 2500 years and the Mauryas planned and ran their nation well.

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