Thursday, 19 March 2015

Leave Alone That Ancient Practice Of Tobacco Smoking

Since mankind discovered the uses of this plant, tobacco has been chewed, smoked and eaten as social ritual and as curative stimulant for gastric and digestive disorders. Bone and tissue remains unearthed in excavations from primitive sites suggest that whatever diseases now are alleged to be associated with tobacco smoking never existed then. Where it was extremely cold, when it was gloomy, it was used to relieve mental stress, to heat the ice-cold interior of the lungs and to give something for the impatient human hands to do. For centuries, this peaceful habit has been doing silent services as a social ritual and an individual involvement, causing no particular harm on its own. When modern day parliamentarians began to fear that people will turn against them for corruption, bribery and misadministration, they devised this trick of enacting safe laws such as banning tobacco smoking, prohibiting sleeping in peaceful parks and lolling in groups along highways, so that their national crimes would go unnoticed by people and people will think they are making great laws. It is not smoking tobacco that causes diseases but the habit of drinking not enough water. A tobacco smoker will need more water-intake than the ordinary man to compensate for energy loss and to restore the oxygen content that he exhausts. When one breathes, oxygen goes into the lungs where hemoglobin in the blood capillaries in the lung walls is sitting ready to receive it. Oxygen combines with hemoglobin to form oxy-globin which reaches every cell in human body when blood circulates from the heart. These cells receive this oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Hemoglobin has equal affinity to nicotine as it has to oxygen. When we smoke, nicotine vapour replaces oxygen considerably and combines with hemoglobin to form nico-globin and reaches everywhere. Due to a considerable volume of ingoing oxygen been replaced by nicotine, there will naturally be a resultant downfall in the energy level of the body, which, drinking great quantities of water will supplement. Had man drank enough water, there would have been no problem from moderate smoking. But man normally is reluctant to drink water nowadays. If we question the afflicted, they will tell us that they drink only one or two glasses of water each day, where the problem begins. Why doesn’t the WHO tell the world to drink more water and never to drink iced water and coca cola which is the real villain? When Arboviral infections like chikungunya and dengue break out, WHO tell the world that mosquitoes are responsible, hiding the fact that these viruses complete their life cycle in the body of dogs. No dogs, no dengue-that is the fact. They are all amorous dog-lovers. Who will believe WHO anymore? Man has the intelligence to decide what he shall drink and what he shall smoke. Don’t interfere. Leave alone the ancient social practice of tobacco smoking. Go after consumption of liquor, if they do not fear retaliation from liquor magnates.

News: Tobacco banned.
Response: Leave Alone That Ancient Social Practice Of Tobacco Smoking
Date: 9 April 2014

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