Thursday, 19 March 2015

A A P's Emergence A Warning For All

Popularity of the term Aam Aadmi owes to the foolhardiness of the Congress-led government. They unnecessarily introduced and adamantly insisted on Adhar Unique Identification with the words Aam Aadmi printed everywhere and given much publicity. They exported this phrase to every nook and corner of the vast country, including far situated non-Hindi-speaking areas. When these two words were imprinted on the minds of every Indian at the expense and foolishness of ignorant Indian National Congress tech-brains, an Aam Aadmi party was established by some people who were lucky and cunning enough to cash on these two words which have been made popular by the ruling party. It’s one of the finest retaliations ever happened to the Congress Party in India. Fed with very wrong notions about the digital future of the world, they forced a digital identification hell on the innocent people of India like cheap digital shop-owners who sell data they collect to internet marketers. Aam Aadmi Party serves as a warning in another way: how the young of India thinks. Recent researches and statistics were continually warning that the young people of India had been going lesser and lesser to the polling booths. Teen-age voting was continually diminishing in India during the past decades. Congress decided to make good use of this tendency by deciding to introduce Mr. Rahul Gandhi, mistaking that the young of India is craving to lie under him, thinking him as their hero in the digital age. It was what prompted the young of India to go en-masse to polling booths and vote against Congress, denouncing persons like Rahul Gandhi. They eloquently demonstrated how they view him- not as any hero or savior but as another unripe opportunist. Aam Aadmi Party’s emergence helped Indians understand and learn how Congress party’s boisterous tactics can be convoluted and made use of easily by brilliant opponents and how modern young Indians would react to show-craftiness of young Indian politicians.

News: AAP's emergence a warning for all parties. 17 February 2014.

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