Saturday, 28 March 2015

India's Slow Economic Development Is A Blessing

A country which is not developing as fast as other countries expect means only one thing: their natural resources are not being depleted as fast as other countries. The people living there are wise enough to store as much resources as possible for their coming generations. This is what happens in India. Indian mothers are notoriously famous for eating too little to survive and setting aside almost all they cook for their children. India lives in her thousands of villages, not in the great cities. In this aspect Gandhi was absolutely right and his belief that what industrialization needed for India is the production of articles needed for the people of these villages is right and justifiable. Agriculture and rural industries were what he emphasized as the way to the progress of India. What industries he envisioned did not need the support of large infrastructure, would not have needed large investment and would have eradicated unemployment in the villages. But the steps of India faltered when the socialist Nehru, under the inspiration and influence of the Soviet Union, decided to turn to heavy industries as the pathway to Indian economic progress. He did not live long enough to see the soviet economics collapsing in their own Russia. Neither did he envision his successors in the party and in the administration selling out these state-owned heavy industries to private rich men and these private rich men selling out India to the world corporates. It was foolish of India, who was once noted for the export of tea, cotton and steel, to converge on software outsourcing which flopped when the main customers in Europe and America dropped in business as each wave of share price downfall struck. Large numbers of students were encouraged to study these things which never have a domestic demand and they did get great salaries inconceivably high in Indian standards for a time. But when the tide collapsed and their income shrank, being unable and untrained to cope with such sudden set backs in career, many of these bright students became preys to depressive moods and eventually many became psychiatrically disturbed. Marriages collapsed and hospitalizations increased. None has ever studied the impact on software employees of this phenomenon of getting prestigious jobs and huge salaries for a time and suddenly falling from this fine financial position to nothingness. No notable products were turned out by the Indian software industry and many Indian software companies lost their contracts through sloppy work. India has never wished to become a super power, and they have never wished to have a higher growth rate, except those politicians who wished to have a place for them amongst the world’s national leaders.

Eastern economics is not something which is focused on over-exploitation of resources in the nature. Think about a people who ask the tree’s permission and forgiveness for cutting it for inevitable purposes. Tree worship or Animism was and is prevalent among Indians the equivalent of which can be seen in history only in the aborigines of the American continent. Even before polluting a river for catching a few fishes for the unavoidable dinner, long rituals of prayers, flower submission and even sacrifice of some living creature to appease the river would have been over. It was when Michel Jackson startled the world with his ‘Save The World’ video that the ignorant world countries recognized the hold and usefulness of this cult, in the modern times. It was not Michel Jackson’s discovery but the custom and cult are there existing through the generations. If some soil has to be removed from the upper crust for cutting a trench and constructing a house or a canal, there are other intricate poojas. Does the world know that the Indian Space Research Organization engineers before launching world class satellites and the very advanced Indian Navy Commanders before putting a new sub or ship to sea holds very long and ardent poojas in their prayer rooms? It is not because they are not advanced and civilized but because they are advanced and civilized that they do this. Traditionally and historically, the Indians are a god-fearing and nature-obeying people. Their economy and politics also is developed in a like manner from the same cultural sources. The world economists do not understand this and they never can. Malthus and Caine and Adam Smith and Marx never touch the lives of the Indians. They have their own economic heritage. When Russia and China embraced Marxism pretending that they had no mentionable economic heritage, they were digging their own burial pits for their traditional economics because no nation having a long history of traditional economic advancement can stray long from the beaten down path. We have seen the bookish economics thrusted on Russia collapse and we will soon witness the un-Chinese economy which enslaved China also withering away. No one need grieve because it is the destiny of unripe economic philosophies crowned upon the heads of ancient people. Major economic research houses of the world like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs needn’t be told that India is far behind in economic growth. They themselves have reported otherwise many often. These research houses which generally cater to fund managers who just have to achieve their targets are not relied upon much by the long-term investors like those who are expected to invest in India. When all have looted their share, there would not be much in India to accelerate any growth in the future. Let India close her doors. Enough for a century has gone out to corporates.

First release title: What Does A Country Not Developing As Fast As Other Countries Really Mean?


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