Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mullahs And Ayatollahs In Education Minister's Office

Everything we hear about the Education Department of Kerala nowadays proves that it is in the grip of under-educated and intolerant religious fanatics who formed themselves into a party whose role is essential for the survival of the present government in Kerala which have only a two or three seats’ fragile majority in the state assembly. Just go through this news article in English Malayalam Manorama and see how people of a particular sect supposed to be under the strict ethical control of their religion go to extremes, sure of the mullas and ayattollas in the Education Minister’s office and the Directorate of Public Instruction protecting them. In Saidalavi’s school in Malappuram, based on a fake medical certificate from a Dr. Koya, a teacher named Aneesh was accused of beating a peon and charged with misbehaviour, was suspended and later found dead in a lodge. Mr. Saidalavi and Mr. Koya thought Mr. Abdu Rabb would protect them, for they belong to the same religion, perhaps to the same mosque! The Education Department ordered a probe, after the unruly decisions of the school management came out, and how the school principal and the educational authorities went along with the management, fearing reprisals from the Education Minister’s office, was exposed. Now it will appear like the Education Department was clean and it was a few low level officers the culprits. Unless these officials who are now under suspension were not sure of the department’s top officials’ okaying the school management’s actions, how could they have dared to channel their actions this way, ending in the suicide (or murder?) of a teacher? Unless the Director of Health Services accepts bribes and presentations from medicine companies, how will a dictor in a dispensary accept a small bribe? Unless the Director of Education is known to be protecting religious fanatics and misbehaves, how will a lowly Deputy accept a fake medical certificate and go along with the wrong action of the management? There have been so many allegations of irresponsibility and religious favouritism against the Education Department, accusing them of religious favouritism and gross irresponsibility. How come almost all key positions in this important department are filled up with people belonging to the Education Minister’s religion- in this case Muslims- and most of them under-qualified? Just look at their Government Diary or this department’s official website to see if this allegation is true. Doesn’t this department expected to be shaping future generations have at least a little bit of shame to think everything on religious lines? Isn’t there a little decency expected of this department? How tired and disinterested might have they made those proficient and skilled officers of other religions in this prestigious department! If there are not enough officials belonging to the minister’s religion, every post will be filled up through deputation. The perfect example is the posting of Mr. K P Noufal, an unimportant academic from some minor college in Malappuram with no particular special background except Muslim League relations, who was deputed as the IT @ School Director and who is believed to be being considered as the next Higher Secondary Education Director. If every key post is filled with religious, caste and creed-oriented this way, then what kind of education can this department give the future generations of Kerala? It is dangerous to divide the higher offices in the state’s education department this way. There is a Chief Minister in Kerala and a few state ministers who were, in their youth, eloquent orators on the very subject which is remarked here. They now behave like they have gone blind. There are fire-brand organizations like the Democratic Youth Federation of India, Yuva Morccha and the Youth Congress. They behave like paralyzed old men when the situation of the education department of Kerala being filled up with religious fanatics is mentioned. There are international Keralite organizations in England, America and the Middle East who make their presence known each year through news of Onam Celebrations abroad, but they are unresponsive when the question of the educational future of Kerala’s children is pointed out. There are scores of newspapers and magazines like Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhoomi, Kerala Kaumudi, Kala Kaumudi, Chintha, Janayugam and Madhyamam who claim themselves to be overflowing with investigative journalists, but who piss in their pants when the real threats to Kerala’s future demand themselves to be exposed.

[In reply to news article ‘Aneesh's suspension violation of rules: Education Dept report’ dated 14 April 2015 in English Manorama Online]


Link to news article:
Aneesh's suspension violation of rules: Education Dept report

Tuesday 14 April 2015 09:30 PM IST


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