Thursday, 19 March 2015

Drastic Changes Will Come In Indian Election Process

The election procedures in India would be logical and complete only when people have had the right to call back their representatives in Parliament after election, they have been given the right to indicate in the ballot paper or electronic pad that they do not like any of the candidates in the list and do not wish to vote for any of them, and the right to indicate the name of one person who they wish to have represented them. It is a bold step indeed the election history of the world but as the largest democracy I the world in which the greatest number of people take part in the election process, India is expected to launch this initiative as an example to the world. There needn’t be no names in the ballot paper but just allow people write the names of who they want to represent them. There is difficulty nowadays in tracing these names through Unique Identification Numbers and those whose names are indicated by the greatest number of people shall be declared the winner. Political parties can teach people to indicate some particular persons’ names but they shall not have the opportunity to collect billions of rupees as election funds and bribe people to vote for them. They shall even be allowed to raise a banner or board but the names have to come directly from the people. There are ways to banish the spending of too much money on elections and people have the right to point out ways to make them possible and feasible. In several parts of India, election processes are still in the hands of landlords and thugs and suppressing this situation with an iron-hand is the first necessary thing for making Indian elections free and impartial. In spite of all rules and laws of the Election Commission being there, how does this many thugs and criminals reach the Parliament as members? Why must people keep behavior protocols when they know that these thugs are criminals who ought to have remained behind prison bars? Whether politicians like it or not, there surely will come drastic changes in the Indian election process. People’s representatives shall never be given the chance to make new rules and regulations unless people ratify each of them in referendums. People are the masters in a democracy, not their representatives. No representative shall be given any concession which the people they represent do not enjoy, including free boarding and gas connections. People who can read the writing on the walls can know that these things are going to happen within five years in India.

News: Lok Sabha elections to be held from mid-April. 17 February 2014.

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