Saturday, 28 March 2015

Will China Hold Referendum On Communism?

Many people think China is prospering but it is a momentary rise because it is unaccompanied by a resultant cultural rise. No great literature, art, music or philosophy is emerging from China. Economic prosperity unaccompanied by cultural upliftment is hollow, unstable and absurd. It is like developing the muscles of a single hand through rigid, non-stop exercising while those in the legs, abdomen, shoulders, back and neck remains as of yore. It is kind of unproportionate, unnatural, unstable state of psyche, close to sickness. Great philosophers in India, China and Greece condemned such development. Many modern day philosophers also have taught the dangers of unspiritual prosperity, which was what brought the mighty Roman Empire down. It is the mind, free thought and unhindered will that brings about, nourishes and retains a healthy civilization. So, what economic development we now are shown from China is ballooned up, a mirage which will vanish and expose the harsh realities, just like the underlying poverty of the Big Brother in Russia was exposed once the state’s suppressive propaganda collapsed. It is a real fact that majority of the Chinese population oppose their government’s almost all actions publicly or in their minds. Where there is a vent, their anger steams out. The world also knows that it is because of the brutal policing by the Chinese Communist Party that the government there is not toppled by people. By no standards is it now a peaceful and quiet nation. Indeed China was a mighty, trustworthy, civilized great nation, before Chairman Mao came into power. The cruelties and murders of the millennium old dynasties were nothing when compared to the mean, treacherous slaughters of the Communist Regime. Then they began to export not communism but cruelty to other peaceful nations. India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Hong Kong, Philippines- all these nations and their people well know that China is a mad rogue nation now, becoming very similar to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, perhaps more despotic. Gauging from the present rising of people’s protests, where is democracy, communism and socialism in China? Is the world willing to tolerate and allow yet another timid aggressive nation among them? What the world hoped would prevent the aggression of China were the two great democracies in the world- America and India. But heavy Chinese investment in their nation made the Americas passive. Prospects of arrival of huge capitals as Yuan made India silent. Embracing Dalai Lama and shaking hand with the Premiere on the back is the foreign policy of these two nations. It was the American Freedom Struggle that inspired Europe to freedom. It was the Indian Struggle for Independence that liberated Africa. What is a few soiled Yuan notes when compared to the glorious moments in human history? But the world people now have learned about the pact between these great democracies and the last existing autocracy. That is why people now turn to the online internet highway as a last measure and that is exactly why China deletes people’s websites. The world well knows, it is people versus government there, unsupported by the world.

No one will deny that the totalitarian China witnesses more people’s riots than India. Lack of civil rights and poverty are the main causes. The people of China joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1945 to fight and defeat the 5 million strong Kou Min Tang and their new slave masters devised the commune system which enslaved them. Without people’s support, the CPC could never have beaten the Kou Min Tang and without the commune system, the Chinese could never have become slaves of the state. China accuses Tibetans to have been made natural slaves by feudalism. The Chinese invented through their communist party the commune system which enslaved them. The Communist Government in China forced people in 1950 to experiment with the commune system, which in modern times, existed only in the printed books. It took them 28 years to find out that this system won’t work. In 1978 it was discarded and China somewhat opened up. But what justification was there to compel and force a great hardworking people to loose 28 years from its history to seek a nowhere-existing philosophers’ stone? The communist administration in China from 1949 to 1979 was totally different from the administration from the 1980s to the present times. Atrocities and mass murders committed by The Gang of Four and the great folly of the Great Leap Forward are past but not unforgiven. Who will answer for the lost decades in Chinese people’s lives? More people in a nation mean more heads in the nation to think. In this respect India is not behind China, in fact, far more advanced, because the Indian heads are absolutely free to think what they like, unlike their brothers in China who are just suffocating for free thought. How will they think sincerely for the state if they are suffocating for freedom? And who says the Chinese are happy about the slavery to state they are committed to in the present political structure of the country? Even though China has more people than India, the collective thought of the nation is far less creative and productive than that of India. If a referendum is conducted in China on whether communism shall continue or democracy need be adopted, it would be a 0: 100 vote.

First release title: Will China Hold A Referendum On If Communism Is To Continue?

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