Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why Don't South Asian Countries Say China Is Occupying?

Why Don't South East Asian Countries Say China Is Occupying?

In the modern day world, a nation claiming rights on another nation is considered as aggression and encroachment. Countries with far lesser crimes were isolated and punished by the U.N. and the world community. But here when a great exporter, though leaving its native population deprived of essential commodities, does a greater crime, all the world countries remain neutral in action, but occasionally embracing Lama for fear of world. Recently China has been claiming Tibet as their own, Hong-Kong as their own and a considerable part of even India as their own. A nation where millions of their citizens remaining without rights to vote in elections and students who protest are brutally beaten up and fired to death, do not deserve the sympathy of the world. The world has gone far ahead. Emperor Bharatha ruled the lands comprising of Rathnadweepam, India, Nepaalam, Brahmadesam, Apaghanasdhanam and Syama Raajyam. Will China consent to India claiming Ceylon, Nepal, Burma, Afghanistan and Siam? India is contended with what she is having at present. That is the greatness of India. China's aggressive behaviour is isolating her among world people, whoever including America support her human rights violations. Where was China standing watching when Communism was discarded by the world and she becoming the last standing post of Pseudo-Communism? Communism was conceived as the highest language of the human heart. But wherever it came to administrative power, people were incarcerated, tortured, brutally beaten, murdered, raped, mutilated, chemically brain washed and made to vanish. For whom was it all? Why do Chinese leaders live in luxury and opulence? Lenin said that those who do no work shall not be given food. What job, according to communist principles, are the Chinese Communist Leaders doing? Where is it said in communism that leading a party and governing an administration is an employment? The Chinese communist leaders know that they have gone far with their crimes against communism and socialism, and that the world's revenge is soon to come upon them. That is why, to divert attention and to bridge the really collapsing internal economics, China turns to invading and encroaching countries with resources. What we see now in that part of Asia is the flame leaping up before totally dying out.

News: Reports on Chinese aggression. 8 April 2014.

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