Friday, 24 April 2015

Govt. Will Promote Culprits In SSLC Result Discrepancies!

IT@School was assigned the responsibility of publishing the SSLC Examination Results of Kerala 2015 in the official portal. They did this on the 21st of April and there was an avalanche of complaints and exposure of a bunch of discrepancies. Thousands of cases of missing results were reported. They had to take down the results from their special portal finally. No sooner this happened than they began to accuse prestigious institutions more long-standing, efficient and loyal than them. Through the state education minister and a few reputed news papers, they spread the rumour that a few staff in the Examination and Tabulation Cell in the Education Directorate erred and the software provided by the National Informatics Centre malfunctioned. The news papers were more eager to spread this lie than others, the reason for which we shall see towards the end of this article. To save his darlings from exposure and prosecution for psychologically shocking children, the education minister Mr. Abdu Rubb, with no mentionable qualifications to be an education minister, even went to the extreme of accusing that ‘the new software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) was responsible for the mistakes’ and said ‘the government might seek an explanation from NIC!’ He was not willing to admit that the IT@School Director, primarily responsible for this misdemeanor, was a close relative of another state minister and appointed to this post purely based on religious relations, rather than academic qualifications and skill in IT. Widespread mistakes throughout the state were lightened and portrayed as ‘isolated anomalies’ by the minister Mr. Rubb. The software provided by the NIC was used in other states also and there were no such complaints reported in the other states. All software released by the NIC are done so only after successful test runs and here also Kerala was provided with a viable and valuable software, evidenced by the fact that massive data could indeed be uploaded by the education department through this software. According to NIC officials, their software was clean and it was the education department officials, especially the IT@School Mission, who were responsible for glitches, and mistakes.

An emergency meeting was convened by the education minister which sure must have been consisted of the real culprits responsible for these discrepancies in the examination results, for the minister after this meeting came up with the accusation that ‘the discrepancies were due to glitches in the software developed by NIC.’ Mr. Oommen Chandy, the chief minister of Kerala, claimed that these discrepancies were ‘minor issues, blown out of proportion by media’. He also alleged that the ‘media is terrorizing children’. So the question arises, who is terrorizing children actually and what are the punishments for terrorizing little children who are shocked to find or not to find their examination results in the supposed places? If some child takes his or her life, will Mr. Oommen Chandy or Mr. Abdu Rubb or Mr. K P Noufal arrested? Now Mr. Kunhalikkutty, the Industries Minister, who had no reason to comment, says that ‘there is nothing extra-ordinary in SSLC examination results’. He surely is frightened about the fouls and discrepancies the IT@School Director Mr. Noufal committed which are exposed now, in spite of journalists in Kala Kaumudi, Mathrubhumi and Malayala Manorama having tried like mad through untimely articles to white-wash and praise this IT@School Director.

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